Threats to Your Social Learning Strategy #TK10

Threats to Your Social Learning Strategy #TK10

Threat: Risk of Marginalization


Changing demographics in the workplace

  • X/Yers are use to getting things done on their own
  • Twechnologiacally literate
  • Conditioned to expect immediate gratification
  • Skeptical of society and its nstitutions
  • Lifelon learners
  • Ambition

Trent: Consumer-oriented social media sets expectations for yoru users (Expectations from Consumer applications)

  • Expectations include
  • Overall user experience
  • Immediacy
  • Equality and egalitarinism
  • Your formal (LMS) and social learning offerings have to compete for attention.

Competitions from other functional areas

  • Trend: Introduction of Web 2.0 in the organization by other groups such as your marketing department

(Intrepid presentation)

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