Some thoughts on what we know about content that haschanged. #TK10PRE #TK10

Almost everything we knew about content, as learning professionals, has changed.

  • Teacher (up front, knows stuff), Learners (in audience, don’t know anything)
  • Teacher decides where we are going because they are up there and students are in the back (audience)
  • Teacher picks the text and it IS THE RIGHT TEXT.
  • Whatever we teach must be memorable – unless I can measure what you learned that I thought was important you have failed.
  • If you do your homework, you will get an A in the class, whether you learned or not. There will be A’s and F’s, winners and losers at learning.
  • Shell Answer Man model – knows everything about what they are teaching vs Gee maybe we can let the people participate in deciding what is important to learn
  • You can’t possibly facilitate learning about something if you don’t know anything about it. (Untrue)
  • Questions should always be asked at the end.
  • Also everything your learners know is wrong:  I am going to teach you, everything I teach you in the session is in this checklist, we will do it during the class, if you check it all off you have succeeded.

A Few New Thoughts

  • Model of I Don’t Have All of the Answers
  • You need to engage people somehow in the participation of creation of learning.
  • It is twice as important to engage with people when teaching virtually.
  • There should be no dead time during online synchronous teaching, think about adding music when there is a break.

During this discussion, all participants were responsing to a quesitons about things we use to believe about teaching/learning that might not be true now.

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