As I sit here at the Whole Foods in Annapolis, I am reminded of an old friend, Pete Mitchell. He is no longer with us but we use to have lunch at Giolitti’s Italian restaurant that is right across the street. I would go to the Anne Arundel County Public School System Board of Education building and sit at Pete’s second computer.

There I was updating what was eventually called the AACPS Sys Op Manual and writing the Windows 95 in the Secondary Schools manual. Pete was in the IT department where they setup these Windows 95/Windows NT (started out with Netware 3.1) client server systems. I worked for the other IT department, Instructional Technology. I felt it was my mission to translate the IT speak to regular people’s speak for the Instructional Technology Support Technicians of which I was one of them. Pete was my SME. Back then I was actually performing a few steps in the ADDIE process.

I would ask Pete questions all day, take screenshots, and write. And then of course we would have to eat. One place that we would go to is Giolloitti’s. I would get the vegetarian lasagna.

Pete was a very nice guy. He was always willing to teach me. I can honestly say that I have had someone like that at every job that I have had.

But getting back to my title, Remembrance. Here are a few more people that I want to remember:

Gerald Johnson (Granddaddy)
Willie Thelma Dean Johnson (Grandma)
Big Ma (Great Grandmother)
Dot (cousin)
Uncle Mac
Aunt Sister (Great aunt)
Grandma Bessie (in-law)
Menzo (cousin)
Uncle Neal
Aunt Willie
Mr. Moon
Mitchell Moon
Lisa Johnson
Diane Ware
Pete Mitchell
Uncle Tip
Aunt Jessena
Aunt Pearl
And so many more…

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