Python and Intro to Computer Science

As one that is supposed to be focusing this year on less topics, I have enrolled in a few classes on the and sites. These are free courses and so far it appears I will be learning a lot in the Introduction to Computer Science and the Introduction to Databases classes I have enrolled in.

The reason I am sharing is because I have run across a few resources in the Python class that might be of interest to someone:

  • – Official website of the Python Programming Language where you can download Python onto your computer.
  • Installation of Python Under Windows – How to install Python
  • Notepad++ – An application to edit your programming files.
  • Note: These links came from the class discussion forum.

I hope that I will make it all the way through the courses. So far so good. I am taking the two below and if you are interested I have provided a link to their descriptions. I have also provided a link to the article that introduced me to these sites.  

Coincidentally, Allisson Rossett shared a link to a post that pointed out the way these types of courses can be the end of Higher Education as we know it. I personally am not happy about the way this could go. There has to be a happy medium.  

  Wish me luck!

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