My Vegan Quest

OK, so I haven’t said much about my vegan quest and my Kimchee experiment. Why, because I am failing!

Let’s start with the Kimchee. I tried. And actually it tasted ok. If mixed with other food it was perfectly fine. The problem was that my olfactory senses just did not mesh with the molecules exuding from the Kimchee bottle. I did finish it though.

Next, my quest to not eat any products from an animal. First of all let me just say, I don’t think this will extend to leather goods but I will try my best.

Whenever I really focused and read labels I could maintain a vegan diet. It is whenever I just stop thinking, I make the mistakes.

The Dark Champagne Truffles from Teuschers Swiss Chocolates…the champagne center apparently has milk in it. I can vouch for that because my throat was scratchy last night after eating two. But am I going to throw away my $2.50 chocolate truffles? Heck no!

My friend at work gave me a zucchini bread load her mother sent me all the way from Pittsburg. Eggs are helping bind this rich and delicious loaf. It was specially made for me and will I give it away. Heck no!

But the one that I surely could have avoided got me as I was leaving work. The leftover cookie tray from our students. The chocolate cookie with the coconut center, some kind of macaroon is my favorite. Did I skip it walking out today? Heck no!

I will recover from this setback.

In the meantime, here are two resources if you:

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