Metro DC ASTD Strategic Planning Retreat

On Saturday, January 8, 2011, the DC ASTD Chapter held its strategic planning retreat at the National Conference Center. We were treated so special for the whole day. Upon arrival at the gate, everyone used the NCC provided signs to get to the parking lot and into the conference room. In the room they picked up their NCC printed badges with the chapter’s logo on them.

Everyone was greeted with the sounds of Michael McDonald Motown Two. The center provided breakfast and Starbucks coffe and drinks.

During our meeting I gave a brief speech about what we were going to do for the day and introduced Jeff McCall, Sales Manager, who provided all of this through their sponsorship of the chpater. I also introduced Greg Spillman, Director of Sales who said a few words of greeting. Jeff McCall guided me through the whole process from initial inquiry through the events of the day. Sharon, Director of Catering helped along the way also. They service they provided was first class all the way.

The next phase of our meeting were presentations of the Directors. Everyone presented on where we are, best practices, research on various questions, and thoughts on what we can do. Each presentation was great and I believe we are going to have a great year because this is a great board of directors!

We then had a presentation from Carolyn Skinner, CPA and Bert Swain, CPA from Goodman and Company. Their firm does a lot of work in the non-profit sector. They talked to use about Non-Profit basics and the responsibilty of board members. This presentation was very enlightening for all of us.

It was then time for of conference center tour and lunch. Jeff talked to us about the center which was formerly Xerox’s training center. We took a tour of the ballroom, auditorium, multiple meeting and classrooms, and two of the hotel rooms. The center is perfect for hosting meetings and conferences and even weddings. If you are interested in more information please go to

After our tour we had lunch in the dining facility. Lunch was delicious, including the cake!

So finally we got back to our room which was setup in a 17 person U with 4 rounds for small group sharing. The group started to work on goals and action plans. The energy was high and very collaborative.

Of course we were then presented with our afternoon snack of M&M’s, gummy bears, various mixes, coffee, sodas and bars. I think we all enjoyed that!

Overall I personally feel that the day was successful all around from our sharing, learning, planning activities, accommodations, and food selections. It was a great day!

This is my personal endorsement of the National Conference Center and Goodman and Company.

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