Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial

I got a chance to visit the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial today. There are many who are not satisfied with the memorial for various reasons, all rightfully so I am sure. But I have decided to look at things from a different perspective, this man, though not perfect and reportedly with some moral failings, put his life on the line to fight for liberty and justice for all. He deserves a memorial and the way I see it whether this one is perfect or not, it is well deserved and way late in coming.

There were so many wonderful sayings of MLK’s around the memorial. If only some of the cowardly politicians of our time would live and act by some of the sayings. Many people hold up certain people with such high regard in this current time and if they were measured by the measure of is what you are saying equal and fair for all? Does what you propose oppress certain people? Would you want your mother, daughter, or child to have no health insurance? Would you want your mother, daughter, or child to be treated differently because of the color of their skin?

Well honestly, some of the very people that are going around fighting to “take this country back to what it use to be” don’t seem to know that they are or will end up being treated unequally and unfairly in the end if left up to the politicians that they support that spew the things that I am hearing from some of today’s politicians. Which makes me wonder, is it more important to “get back to what we use to be” or to actually be truthful about the politicians we support. Based on the blind following, I think it is the taking back the country…shame…shame.

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