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I have been researching mobile learning and social learning. Over time I have noticed that there are stats from so many places and am coming to a point in my research where I am finally going to have to write something. I knew the day would come and my thoughts have been on where in the world do you actually go for mobile statistics since there are so many places that are quoted.

Well, I didn’t need to even worry about it so much, today I searched for “best mobile stats” and one of the first links I came upon was from a company called Cloud Four. They describe themselves as shown below:

We’re a small, talented and experienced company focused on web, mobile and emerging technology. Since the earliest days of the web, we’ve helped people figure out the best way to accomplish their goals online. 

We combine strategic vision with a depth of hands-on expertise. We can assist you with everything from engineering to design — from information architecture to web analytics.

The blog post that they presented explained the different types of statistics and also which stats you should care about. This is exactly what I need. The post is located here:

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