Grateful for Two Jobs

Last week, while on vacation in New York City but staying in Jersey City, we talked to a waiter that had served us the night before. He told us that he was “grateful to have TWO jobs.” As I heard that I had to step back and say that I am a little spoiled. I personally like one job with a decent salary and here is this young man grateful for two low to average paying jobs. I was speechless, I didn’t know what to say, I could only nod my head in agreement and let my husband talk. I really couldn’t verbally agree, because I couldn’t really process the the situation.

He was grateful to have two jobs that basically have him working all days of the week and not by choice. He was grateful in these economic times to be able to have two jobs. I have been through a college credit card induced “hard time” where I had the padding of parents and an IBM buyout save me, but never in the situation where I needed two jobs.

I am thankful to God for the job that I do have. I am also thankful that if I had to work two jobs I think I could mentally adjust and do what I would have to do.

I pray that this young man prospers and that the second job becomes the source of something like savings for a years worth of emergeny funds or retirement savings and not just the source of day to day living income on top of the income from the first job.

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