Getting Started With Lightroom 5

Last weekend I purchased Adobe Lightroom 5. I have looked at a lot of videos to get up to speed on Lightroom and am reading the manual but decided that it is time to start sharing all of the great information that I have found out there in various resources. 

During this video from B&H Superstore, Tim Grey discusses the following:

  • Catalog Settings
  • Lightroom Preferences
  • Why he doesn’t use DNG
  • Importing Images
  • Keywords
  • and so much more.

I had already imported my library and have also imported images from my camera’s memory card after the initial import. I made some changes as the video continued but the most important change I made was to go back and generate Standard previews of all of my images. I normally have to wait for those but doing them all now and also upon import of new images will avoid the “loading” message as Lightroom generates the preview.

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