Get Away, Philadelphia, Day 2

We had a nice relaxing time in Philadelphia. The view from a waterfront room at the Hyatt is not the most beautiful, but it is beautiful in a sense because I like water. In this picture you are looking at New Jersey. Water always seems to make things calmer whether it is brown or blue. On Sunday morning we decided  to indulge in the breakfast that came with the room. We had breakfast at Hyatt’s Keating Grill which provides the view in the pictures below but at a lower level. A breakfast of fruit, potatoes, and grilled vegetables hit the spot. After breakfast we took a walk down the Penn’s landing pier. People jog, stroll, and just enjoy the view when traversing this pier. We had dinner on this ship, the Moshulu, a long time ago. It was very formal. The menu and atmosphere have changed a little since then.

We decided to skip the museum this time as I wanted to find the chocolate shop and the tea shop. First up was Teuscher Chocolates. All I knew was that I saw an add in the Where Philadelphia magazine that mentioned chocolates and that I wanted to go to this place. It turns out that they have excellent chocolate! I got a selection and we went to the Starbucks for some tea and chocolates. One of the chocolates was something called a Dark Champagne Truffle. It was awesome. After this a certain break was needed and it turns out that the place we were in, the Bellevue, which is another Hyatt, has a location for this on the 19th floor. The picture that you see below is from the 19th floor of this building. The water is the Delaware River.

After walking around on the west side of Broad Street, visiting shops near Rittenhouse Square, we found the tea shop, Premium Steep. My husband loves tea and found some high quality Sencha there. I drink it, love tea shops, but am not into tea as much as he is. So when I am asked if I want to smell the tea, it doesn’t do a whole lot for me. 🙂 One day it will.

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