DC ASTD OD Book Club SIG – Guest Speaker Ted Leonsis

Today I took the journey to Booz, Allen, Hamilton’s Herndon office to go to my first face-to-face Special Interest Group (SIG) meeting. I usually attend the virtual DC ASTD Technology SIG meeting because those are the only ones that I can get to being a subway rider. The guest speaker was Ted Leonsis, owner of the Wizards, Captials and Mystics sports teams in Washington, DC.

Ted Leonsis, a “student of happiness,” answered questions presented by Kevin Keagan and the audience.

I am not going to try to quote all of Ted Leonsis’ presentation but there were a few lines that he said that I liked:

  • “Young people can smell BS a mile away.”
  • “If you speak to people in an unfiltered way, people believe you.”
  • “Talk to employers and customers like they are friends or family members and good things will happen.” There will be no need to fear a WikiLeaks expose.

There was much more and it can be read about in Ted’s book the Business of Happiness. Create your life list at http://www.businessofhappiness.com.

His blog can is located at http://www.tedstake.com/.

You can watch free documentaries from Ted’s Snag Films “filmanthropy” website: http://www.snagfilms.com/.

Thank you to Laura Mendelow, her husband, the camera woman, Deadra Welcome, Lisa Cohen, Kathy Reiffenstein, and Michelle Proulx for helping to make this a successful event hosted by the Metro DC ASTD Chapter (http://www.dcastd.org) and CBODN (http://www.cbodn.org/).

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