Corcoran Gallery of Art

On 11/23/2012, I visited the Corcoran Gallery of Art.

Since we moved two blocks from the subway, I have rarely used it for trips downtown because there is an abundance of weekend track work. So today thankfully it is operating as scheduled.

I got on and headed to Farragut North.

The museum is about five blocks from the subway stop.

Upon arriving, I promptly stopped at Todd Gray’s Muse Cafe. ๐Ÿ™‚ for a bite to eat. I had the Fried Chickpea. I also purchased a scone to go. The food was excellent. Do you remember the days of museum and amusement park food of old where it was disgusting even for the palate of a teenager? Well, those days are gone. This was 3.5-4 star quality.

The gallery is a very eclectic gallery. The art went from old to new.

I came upon a painting draw by an African-American painter, Joshua Johnson. According to Wikipedia he may have been the “first person of first person of color to make a living as a painter in the United States.” He painted pictures of well to do people. I would have never guessed that this situation existed. Though my common sense knows that African-Americans are multitalented multifaceted people, my people, I just never thought of this. Here he painted a family portrait.

There were many other paintings, sculptures, and photographs. Some that I hope one day to understand such as the one below. I know it has a lot of meaning and I know that I just need to read the history of the artist. And I know the artist got their inspiration from someone. I just need to search a little deeper for that meaning. ๐Ÿ™‚

All in all my visit was very good. At first I tried to read the captions by each piece of art, but I had to stop and just enjoy the art as time went on. Take a look at some of the other art by visiting their Collections page.

If you would like to visit the gallery please check out the

Corcoran Gallery of Art’s Visitors Information

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