Action Lists and Defect Trackers in Project Management

Today was definitely challenging as I had to collect the status of the project’s defect tracker. I manage the action items, but for some reason I had to update the defect tracker.

So what is a defect tracker? It is a log of all defects. Ideally a project will have a list of requirements which will be evaluated during user acceptance testing. During testing the tests should be geared to the requirements. Ideally those requirements were in a traceability matrix.

The testing commences according to a test plan. As testing is executed and errors are found or if a system does not perform as expected they are recorded in the defect log. In the test script they are recorded as a fail until fixed.

Well, I had to review the defects, ensure they were all recorded, collect resolutions for all that were resolved. That is not fun, especially when someone else usually does that role. ๐Ÿ™‚

I was lucky enough to work with my daughter at a previous company. Through some path we ended up working together to test a legacy system. I don’t know how I ended up writing the test plan. That is my least favorite topic. Oh yeah, I remember, I had researched and documented the need for testing and a potential strategy that would lead to my company having a documented test strategy and resources to help with testing. Then I was volunteered to help with the testing.

Fortunate for me, my daughter knew how to use the backend features of the system. I knew some of the features and we worked together to write the test scripts, determine the roles/actors, and scenarios. Thank goodness she was there. The leaders of that department were very luck to have both of us carry out the testing in cooperation with the IT department.

We worked with the offshore developers as they deployed the updates from Dev to staging. We tested. Then on a weeknight they deployed the code to production. That was definitely stressful as the application was one of the systems used to register students for courses. That was the bread and butter.

I didn’t mention the fact that this also was being done to sync up Prod and Dev. Prod had newer updates on it than Dev. Oh did I mention we were also updating IIS and the Microsoft Windows Server edition?

My daughter and I learned a lot about testing. I was grateful for her knowledge! All testing was completed and the deployment succeeded.

Testing, not my favorite role. But so necessary!

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