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I have a friend that would like to be an Instructional Designer (ISD). She is currently someone in the role now as the training manager at a company. Yet she is also in an Instructional Systems Development Masters program. We were talking and I thought it might be good for her to review the job description of an ISD. I searched for a few resources to help her with her search and wanted to share some of the items that I recommended to her.

OPM.govClassifications and Qualifications

I had to navigate toget to the role.

I got to this page and opened the

Handbook of Occupational Groups & Families (PDF file).

I clicked 1700 Education Group in the TOC which took me to page 105. (Actually  the first time I ended up on page  16 and saw1750.

I scrolled to 1750 Instructional Design.

Then I clicked the link for Instructional  System Series which took me to the next link.

Go to page 4. It seems to split out the ADDIE model.

OccupationalOutlook Handbook

Training andDevelopment Specialist

Training andDevelopment Manager

This trainingmanager job description (or how to write the job description) points to aTraining Manager being at a higher level than I described.

I would still justlook around to see what the majority of descriptions say.

ATD Competency Model

Check out theInstructional Design popup.

Also check out theresources they provide at the bottom of the page.

Use the Planning Your Own Professional Development link to document where you are now.

ATDCPLP Certification Exam Information

Open and go to Page 41 AOE 2: Instructional Design which lists the skills.

Study Guide 19 Instructional Design.

My Advice

Continue to analyze the need especially including any interviews, surveys, focus groups.

Design – I think that you have a lot of experience here.

Develop – Continue to view other people’s eLearning.

Google Primer – availablefor iPhone and Android

3 Types of eLearning-

Maybe you can develop your new eLearning using Simulation attributes even if it is not in a simulation tool.

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